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Year’s end address 2019 | Welcome dear new decade!

The year is coming to an end. And more than just a year is leaving – a whole decade is saying goodbye. For the second half of this decade, New Insurance Business is on the move for the financial service industry. 

New Insurance Business showed presence in no less than 17 European countries with workshops, meetings, seminars, projects, keynotes and more. In the five years of New Insurance Business, we have enhanced and sharpened our profile continuously:

  • Consulting | support our clients e.g. on product development and management, strategy development, business development
  • Connecting | bring together cooperation partners and start-ups with insurers
  • Concepting | incubation of (digital) product concepts and their market implementation
  • Conferencing | know-how transfer, exchange and “thought leadership” at conferences, seminars, webinars, other events and on social media

Our network of insurers, IT service providers, banks, investment companies, start-ups, distributors, consultants and freelancers from various lines of business and areas is constantly expanding horizontally, vertically and geographically. We are grateful to our network partners and clients for the excellent and trustful together, for the outstanding discussions, the new ideas that we developed together and the thoughts we shared.

Our working mode remains simple: it’s cooperation. This is also the basis of three new projects which we have prepared in 2019 and which will be ready for the market in 2020. More on this in due course in the next year.

The coming twenties will be the decade of the financial service industry. Especially the life insurance industry will be able to defy all prophecies of doom. The one or other life insurer will have to drop the sails. It will probably be the decade of a long overdue consolidation in Germany and Europe. But the remaining life insurers and the new players will be able to close the gap and the industry will emerge stronger from the current crisis. Above all, they will have understood that technology and digitalisation are not new problems, but rather the solution to many of the problems facing an entire industry today.

Let us stay curious!

We wish you a peaceful year’s end and a wonderful start into the new year. All the best for the new decade!

Frank Genheimer
Managing Director and Founder of New Insurance Business

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