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Lockdown Challenge: Lean and Digital Life Product Development in Demanding Times

What about a new life insurance product? And what about developing it amidst these crazy Corona-period? Nonsense or a smart ‘experiment’?

However, the need for new life insurance products in the low interest rate environment and the limitations during lockdown period and physical distancing have been the starting point for a product development of a special kind.

The webinar leads through the major steps of the development cycle for a new product for retirement provision (savings). In addition, we will have a closer look at different ‘puzzle pieces’, that are available in the market and which accelerate and facilitate the development of the product.

No doubts, technology offers solutions that may help to handle the present challenges and issues of the industry much better. The major question is, how to get aware of them and how to use them right. Furthermore, other available resources and further ‘puzzle pieces’ may complete the work.

If you are looking for insights in a real product development project during Corona-period, then joining this webinar is a must!

A special feature of the challenge is, that all involved people will not meet physically. They all work ‘remote only’. And for the avoidance of doubts, the product is still far from being live in the market while these lines are written. So, stay curious if and how the project team will manage to develop the product.

All details on this great webinar are here.

Further information on the project of developing the new modern life insurance product “FUTURO Vorsorge” can be found here.