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New Insurance Business in Croatia | Seminar

Together with Dr. Axel Wachsmann (Société Générale), Frank Genheimer from New Insurance Business speaks at the seminar and workshop «Past, Present and Future of Life Products». The event takes place on April 6 at the Westin Zagreb Hotel in the heart of Zagreb.

The one-day seminar deals with life products and life product management and focuses on saving and annuity products. It starts with the status and the evolution of life products. After this introduction, the seminar covers basic life products as well as basic investment concepts as the engine of saving products. In the following, several enhancements of these basic life products are introduced and discussed. The seminar includes a case study on an innovative product type and closes with an outlook on further enhancements and innovations in the area of life products for saving and retirement.

The Croatian Actuarial Association and the Institute for Insurance organize the seminar in partnership. Further details are available here.