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Modern Product Development in Life | EAA Seminar in Madrid | 23/24 SEP 2019

The two-day seminar in Madrid deals with product development of life insurance products (i.e. saving and retirement products as well as risk products).

Photo by José Alejandro Cuffia on Unsplash

Day 1 starts with an overview on current life product landscape and its evolution over the past decades. We will discuss basic life insurance products for savings and retirement. Thereby, we will focus on the general product technique as well as on the major performance drivers. After that, we will have a deep dive into the area of assets and investments dedicated and eligible for life insurance products. In the end of day 1, we will discuss some enhancements of basic life insurance products as well as some new approaches.

Day 2 starts with risk products and potential enhancements in the digital age. Then we will turn our attention to major aspects of modern product development projects. Here we cover topics like digitization, user experience and agile development. In the afternoon, we wrap up major aspects of the seminar in a live demo. This showpiece will demonstrate how fast and flexible modern product development projects can or better “should” be.

Are you interested in a condensed but comprehensive overview on basic and present life insurance products? Would you like to know how modern life products really work? Are you looking for a brief overview on the life product landscape and its evolution? Would you like to discuss different product techniques with experts and gain insights in the future of life product development? Are you interested in accelerating your life product development projects? Then this seminar is perfect for you!

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