Ecosystems – a virtuous circle to eternal customer loyalty

In the last year, the term “ecosystem” has finally made its way into the world of the insurance industry and almost in all board meetings. However, people in the industry frown at me when I utter the magic word “ecosystem”, don’t they? It seems to me that ignorance around this topic has turned directly into … Read more

Digital Finance Life offers a unique ecosystem for product development

With FUTURO Vorsorge, a new, innovative and digital life insurance product has been launched on the German pension market. The new offer for retirement provision and investment impresses with: – its novel balance of security and return opportunities, – its simple, digital and efficient processes and – its new standard of transparency. FUTURO Vorsorge is … Read more

Technology as the backbone of insurance ecosystems, innovation, and sales strategy

Frank Genheimer from New Insurance Business will speak at the Online Session of Adacta FinTech on September, 24. Challenged by talent retention, organizational culture, and inflexible legacy systems, traditional insurers often lack the speed and agility to bring their digital-first initiatives to life. Similar is true for new insurance start-ups. “It is key for insurers, … Read more

Web Session: Modern Product Development in Life

Insurance business is under threat. Numerous topics put pressure on insurance business, products and product management: low interests, new regulations, new transparency, new requirements from sales channels and also retail clients, the advent of the technological movement in insurance («InsurTech»), and many more. It is obvious that current best practice is not sufficient anymore and … Read more

Actuarial Data Sciene Après-Midi | Zurich

The Data Science working group of the SAA is happy to announce a new professional education opportunity. Based on the working paper and the strategy that has been developed for the SAA, independent events focusing on the practical field of (actuarial) data science will take place. The first edition of the newly launched ADS Après-Midi … Read more

Lockdown Challenge: Lean and Digital Life Product Development in Demanding Times

What about a new life insurance product? And what about developing it amidst these crazy Corona-period? Nonsense or a smart ‘experiment’? However, the need for new life insurance products in the low interest rate environment and the limitations during lockdown period and physical distancing have been the starting point for a product development of a … Read more