Life Insurance Products – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow | EAA Seminar in Paris

Low interest environment, new regulation, new requirements from sales channels and retail clients and the advent of technological movement in life insurance business («InsurTech») are changing the game. The present situation reveals that best practice is not good enough anymore and some product types are just not working any longer in this low interest rate environment.

Since new products appear to be necessary, it is advisable to understand the evolution and the present landscape with all its pros and cons before developing new products. In addition, it seems to be wise to learn from present developments in other markets, too.

The two-day seminar deals with product development and product techniques of life insurance products. It will focus on saving and annuity products (Day 1) as well as on risk products (Day 2). 

The seminar takes place in Paris18/19 Oct 2018.

For further information please have a closer look at the announcement here.