My humble view on insurance transformation [part II: the tech movement]

Part 2: The tech movement It is difficult to tell where it exactly started. Was it the internet? Well, it doesn’t really matters at all. What important is, that progression never happens linear and continuously. It happens in phases and steps – and you never know how long the phase is and how large the … Read more

A Primer in Life Insurance Products | EAA Seminar in Milan

Are you interested in basic and present life products and would you like to know how they really work? Are you looking for a brief overview on life product landscape? Would you like to discuss different product techniques with experts? Then this seminar is perfect for you! Low interest environment, new regulation, new requirements from … Read more

My humble view on insurance transformation [part I: state of the union]

Part I: State of the union Safety and peace of mind are some of the essential needs of almost every human being. Insurance companies have delivered that for decades. Insurance coverage is essential for economic as well as social reason – through out every insurance segment. Especially private retirement provisions are getting more and more … Read more

My humble view on insurance transformation [intro]

Insurance business is in a transition process. This transformation is no ordinary evolution because it already becomes apparent that the magnitude of change is bigger and the speed, at which the change will move through the industry, will be significantly higher than ever before. It will be a fundamental change – a revolution – through … Read more

InsurTech Update – Juli 2017

Das Jahr 2017 mausert sich immer mehr zu einem InsurTech-Jahr. Auch in den vergangenen Wochen gab es von verschiedenen Teilnehmern wieder zahlreiche Neuigkeiten, einige davon sind: Getsurance, Square Life und RGA haben es bereits mit Ihrem neuen, digitalen BU-Produkt vorgemacht (Link). Der Volkswohlbund startet mit «die Dortmunder» einen neuen (digitalen) Lebensversicherer, der zunächst als Fokus … Read more