Jahresendgeschäft 2016? Produktlösung!

Das Alterseinkünftegesetz (AltEinkG), Startpunkt für das 3-Schichten-Modell in Deutschland, hat mit Wirkung zum 1.1.2005 die steuerliche Behandlung von Lebensversicherungen neu geregelt. Dem AltEinkG ist es damit zu verdanken, dass das Jahr 2004 mit einem fulminanten Jahresendgeschäft zur Neige ging. Im Zuge dessen wurden 2004 etwa zwei bis drei Millionen Verträge mehr abgeschlossen, als in den … Read more

new insurance business @ START Summit St. Gallen

New Insurance Business will participate actively in Europe’s leading talent conference for entrepreneurship and technology, one of the most important events at the University of St. Gallen: START Summit 18 -19 March 2016 St. Gallen | Switzerland http://startsummit.ch/ New Insurance Business is happy to offer a «-10% Promotion Code» which is valid until January 31st, … Read more

new business strategy – light in the thicket of buzzwords

The present period is characterized by hundreds of topics & challenges and dozens of buzzwords like big data and digitization while at the same time profitable and sustainable new business has to be generated. It is the art of separating the wheat from the chaff that is probably the most important and valuable skill nowadays. In such a conflict situation it is time to focus instead of acting on every topic with hyperactivity and false urgency. The royal road to success is a holistic and individually derived new business strategy.

new business strategy sharpens your senses
A holistic approach secures that all relevant topics are covered and all interdependencies are made transparent. With such a worked out overview – combined with a quantitative and qualitative evaluation – decision making is an easy and joyful task.

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