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Digital Transformation of Insurance Services

Thanks to several issues on different levels, insurance business is in a transition process. This transformation is no ordinary evolution because it already becomes apparent that the magnitude of change is bigger and the speed, at which the change will move through the industry, will be significantly higher than ever before.

It will be a fundamental change or at least a revolution. In this conflict situation, the technology movement steps into the market of insurance services. Present challenges and opportunities of insurance business offer a promising target for FinTech & friends – from back-office to front office. Technology will fuel this transformation in insurance business.

FinTech / InsurTech activities target directly retail clients and the used technology is capable of creating a pleasant situation since clients will be served quicker, more flexibly and more transparent – at least this is the promise.

And how do insurance companies react? What are their strategies and tactics to deal with this movement? What are the latest news and activities in the InsurTech area?

Besides all the technological things, it becomes apparent that the digital transformation is foremost a mental transformation, thus starts in our minds. It is time to break with old rules, habits and mind sets.

Are you looking for a brief overview on the FinTech / InsurTech movement and the reactions of the incumbents? Then join this webinar!