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Digital Finance Life offers a unique ecosystem for product development

With FUTURO Vorsorge, a new, innovative and digital life insurance product has been launched on the German pension market.

The new offer for retirement provision and investment impresses with:

– its novel balance of security and return opportunities,

– its simple, digital and efficient processes and

– its new standard of transparency.

FUTURO Vorsorge is offered online only by Squarelife Insurance AG and has been developed on the basis of the new and modular product development approach of Digital Finance Life. Additional cooperation partners were involved in realizing the product.

Frank Genheimer, Co-Founder at Digital Finance Life, says: “FUTURO Pensions is not just a new, innovative product. Both the product and the project are a blueprint for future product development projects. Development cycles of one or more years in life insurance are a thing of the past thanks to our approach. We are very proud that we could win well-known partners for our proof-of-concept.”

Digital Finance Life has the mission to bring digital financial services and people closer together. The simple digital access, the transparency of the offer and the fast product development play a central role. Digital Finance Life sees itself as an enabler for the insurance industry.

With the unique ecosystem for product development, insurers and distributors bring innovative product ideas fast and digital to the market and to their clients.

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