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A Primer in Life Insurance Products | EAA Seminar in Milan

Are you interested in basic and present life products and would you like to know how they really work? Are you looking for a brief overview on life product landscape? Would you like to discuss different product techniques with experts? Then this seminar is perfect for you!

Low interest environment, new regulation, new requirements from sales channels and retail clients and the advent of technological movement in life insurance business («InsurTech») are changing the game.

This present situation reveal that business written in the past is less profitable than expected, best practice is not good enough anymore and some product types are just not working any longer.

Products and all related features and characteristics are the core service of a life insurance company. They should generate new business and profits thus knowledge on products is essential nowadays. Since new products appear to be necessary, it is advisable to understand the evolution and the present landscape with all its pros and cons before developing new products. In addition, it seems to be wise to learn from present developments in other markets.

The two-day seminar deals with product development and product techniques of life insurance products. It will focus on saving and annuity products as well as on risk products

Day 1 starts with the basics of life products like traditional and unit-linked products. It focuses on the product technique (i.e. «How does the product work?») as well as on the related investments (i.e. «What are the key performance drivers?»). Furthermore, we will discuss some enhancements of basic life products and we will have a closer look at the annuity phase. We will deepen one specific enhancement of traditional products in a case study. The last session of day 1 is dedicated for an outlook on products in the digital age.

Day 2 will give a global overview of product developments in biometric risk. We will look into mortality, disability and critical illness protection, elaborating on concrete examples. The 2 morning sessions will focus on Individual L&H products, while in the afternoon we will wander in the «art» of Group L&H pricing & underwriting, looking also at lessons learnt from recent market crisis.

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